Easy Tips to Avoid Clogging Your Drains
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Drain Cleaning Service Doesn’t Have to Be a Burden

Getting your sink clogged with hair and other tiny particles is rather annoying, but can easily be avoided if you try following several simple rules. You will be able to avoid getting professional drain cleaning service if you try keeping your tub, laundry and kitchen sinks as clean and unclogged as possible.

plumbingFirst of all, hair is always the main problem, so try to stop it from getting inside the drain. Also, after you have had a shower or a bath, always clean the hair which has stopped at the opening of the drain. Second, beware of any large food particles getting down the drain as they will easily clog it. Third, avoid using commercial drain cleaners as they are particularly corrosive and are very likely to damage the pipes. If you turn regular drain cleaning into a habit, you won’t need to have them professionally cleaned that often.

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